zeke fletcher

This is Zeke Fletcher. Zeke is the action figure I've been building all semester. This is just his head, which is articulated at the neck, and it's a little smaller than a US quarter.

At the end of the semester, I'll need to turn in the whole model with a background story. Conveniently, a film class required that I write an original treatment, and I wrote Zeke's story. The setting goes a little like this:

The year is 2012. Global warming has caused the sea to rise, flooding many coastal cities including NEW YORK CITY and BALTIMORE. Gasoline is available to a select few, and America has largely lost touch with its suppliers in the Middle East. American infrastructure has completely broken down since the loss of petrol. The American government is struggling to control several rebellious city-states which are gaining power and allegiance through their innovation and use of steam technology. They call themselves THE LEGION. The flooding ocean has increased coastal piracy, which is the Legion's primary source of income. Legion's communication relies on steam skiffs and pony-express style messengers, called RUNNERS.

Zeke is a Runner. He delivers messages from one Legionnaire to another over land via his amphibious steam-powered cycle. This summer, I'd love to design and build the cycle he rides. We'll see.


Enjah said...

Zeke is kinda cute!