busy weekends

siento vivo otra vez
i saved a life:
He was trapped in the woodshop; he'd flown up in though the window, but couldn't find his way back out. He kept slamming into the glass, tweeting terrified. I caught him in a trashcan against the window, and he sat in my hand for a few contented minutes. I could pet him, he perched on my fingers, and he finally flew away in search of a french fry. It reminded me of catching snakes and lizards on hiking trips with my dad when I was little.
This weekend was amazing. Friday night I went to the Glitterama! burlesque at Load of Fun. I sat next to this man and he let me wear his top hat for a little while.

I think he owns the art shop next to Joe Squared on Howard. He had a snazzy red velvet cape, came by himself, and cheered for all the acts on stage along with all of us. I love nights like that, meeting people like this.
My favorite act from the show was Moira Lee' Aerial Aeronautics. I'd love to see her in a full length show- her one act blew me away. It was insane seeing these tumbles from three feet away in that tiny black box theatre!

Here's a video of one of her performances:

Last night I went dancing with old and new friends. I was pulled up to dance on stage, and I had an amazingly good time. I fell asleep to the morning's birds chirping as the sun started creeping through my window, cuddled and satisfied.

To me, art goes beyond the act of object making. Art is a way of thinking- art is your lungs filled with air. It's the stories you tell (and especially the stories no one believes). Experience is everything to me- in the end, all you've got is the story of your life. Better make it a good one! Does art imitate life? I don't know... to me, there's no line between them.