working hard/hardley working

i finally feel like i've made some progress on these sculptures that keep breaking. too many hours in the shop- not nearly enough.

the fiberglass cast isn't too bad! i've still got to patch up the seam, bondo the air bubbles, sand, grind, paint.... ugh 50+ hours left in this baby.

and the chemicals only mildly burned me :D i've got a nice red streak on my arm from reaching in that hole with resin.

this piece is an experimental painting; this view is from the back of the canvas. it will hang off the wall at an angle, so the viewer can look past the painting on the front and can discover the "monster" that has been growing behind. this is his ribcage, there will be an organ inside it, and it will all be textured with silicone and plaster. it's gonna look awesome (if i finish it on time!)

today, research. i'm gonna go read in the sun.