Finally, Fiberglass!

I feel so good right now (despite having been on campus almost constantly since Sunday..)!! Everything right now is awesome. I've got the most awesome friends I've had in years, my art is the strongest it's ever been, my future is nothing but potential, and I've got every reason to wake up every morning and be ecstatic about where I am and who I'm with. This summer is going to be amazing no matter if I end up in Providence or Baltimore- I can't wait!

For the past several years, I have been focusing my artistic direction on entirely the wrong things. My subject matter has been far too professional; I've been concentrating on portfolio, on expression, on popularity- I'd forgotten what it's like to just make something for myself. I've been too distracted by other people, and I've made too much art about them without making any art for myself.

This piece is a throwback to my old paintings- latex and ink color fields. I love how the paint is graphic and acts to flatten out the three-dimensional surface. See the branch attached to the shoulderblade? There will be another on the other arm, and more branches have been built to spew out from the waist like a twisted driftwood dress. It stands about four feet high when assembled, and I'll post more progress pictures as I go along. I need to cement the branches onto the fiberglass, bondo the lines out, and paint it. It's a great summer project, and it'll be submitted to several upcoming shows including the Student Show next semester.


This is great. Great piece, great semester, great job!


Willa said...

I love that sculpture! Keep doing it, and for yourself. I have that problem too, trying to differentiate if I am doing something for myself or others.