Through the Canvas; Darkly

My (finally) finished sculpture! "Through the Canvas; Darkly" is one of the strongest pieces I've done so far, I think.

People are most afraid of what they don't know; the only time you encounter the unknown is when you look around the corner. This piece forces the viewer out of their comfort zone and into the unknown- look around the corner, see what's been hiding in the deepest recess. What's been growing there- something cancerous? Something dangerous? Something sinister? Probably something you didn't know about yourself.

I stuck with abstraction- I want the viewer to pull this monster out of their own imaginations. Everyone might think of it differently, relating it to their own monsters. To a cancer survivor, the painting was quite literally a surgical surface with a malignant underbelly. To a Vietnam veteran, the painting resembled rusted steel rivets with gore. One woman's interpretation went directly to McDonald's and health issues.

What do you see there in the corner?


CEGB said...

Very strong piece - congratulations. :)