Diving Belle

It's summertime, and I have lots of time for music again. It feels so good to be writing- I used to feel so confinedt topically, but now I feel free to write about whatever and whoever I want. There is some good stuff on the way. Ashley's been playing with me about three times a week- we're learning some old standards while I'm working on new material.

Alot of people have been asking how we got the band name "Diving Belle." I named the band before "The Divingbell and the Butterfly" was released; instead, the title is based on a poem I wrote a while ago. Here's an excerpt:
Without you she'll wander
Where words are much fonder
Where kisses are sweeter
Than dreams now asunder

She'll never stop running
Where the wind wants to take her
And she'll never look back
To see what might chase her

She's gone too far now, you've lost her
In the ocean you bought her
She's a misenthrope master
She's a diving disaster