heavy metal summer

I had a nice two weeks of no art homework, but class is back in session for the next five weeks or so. I've learned a new skill:

No big burns to speak of (so far)

Baby's first welded... thing.

I've made some progress on this piece as well. The arms are now permanently attached, the wood has been fiberglassed, primed, and gessoed, ready for the latex paint.

I really really hate that she's wearing a shirt. I'm gonna grind it off tomorrow so this becomes a nude. The fabric of the shirt pulls the organic relationship between body and nature apart. It's too distracting and irrelevant. Removing the shirt will take me probably another 10 hours or so... boo. Why do I set my standards so high? In any case, this piece will be ready for the student show next semester.

Back to the torches


art@TU said...

and if not for the student show- the salon des refuses in the union.

Though I think it will make it in the show, its pretty damn sweet. Nice work scavanna! :)