and it's making me freaking busy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Artscape, it is America's largest free arts festival, and Baltimore is lucky enough to host it every year. The festival shuts some six city blocks down for three days, and about 100,000 people attend. Seven stages persistently blasting the crowd with live music and performances. Cake is playing this year along side Chinese acrobats and stilt-walkers. There will be music, theatre, food, beer, carnival type stuff, DIY art projects, vendors, art dealers, crafty things, and whatever else you can imagine.

The best part? IT'S ALL FREE!!


The best way to do Artscape, in my experience, is to take the lightrail. Park at Falls Road or Timonium, where there's alot of parking, and get a day pass. Ride down to Mt. Royal and have fun!


So, where can you find me this year?

I'm working with Alzaruba on his Sondheim semi-finalist installation, "The Fortress of Ten Thousand Beautiful Things." It's a three-story wind tunnel made of mostly plastic and mylar. Last night we finished constructing the floor frames, tonight we install and dress them. When completed, it'll look something like this (only totally different):

Interior of Alzaruba's installation at the Whole Gallery's "Off The Wall"
You'll find it in the Fox Building on MICA's campus. The opening is Thursday 6-8, and the installation will be open all weekend.
Also, I'll be participating in Northscape on Saturday night.

It'll take place at Station North Arts on the corner of North Avenue and Charles Street. From Artscape, just cross the bridge past the Charles Street Stage, and you're there! No driving required. I believe it'll be in the empty lot next to Joe Squared and Hour Haus, across from Load of Fun. There will be lots of music and booze to enjoy! Plus, all the galleries around there are having events too.

Six performance areas will feature music acts, fire dancers, clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, contortionists, visual artists and more. All the performers have donated their time in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. There will also be a misting tent to help beat the summer heat along with food and beer vendors who will also be donating a significant part of their proceeds to help the cause.

Performers on the large stage will include: Soul Cannon, Kathy McCleod, Caleb and Saleem, Reina Williams, The Bellevederes, Loop and Lil, Charlie Sayles, Karter Jaymes, Nerftones, Leisure Icon, Mobtelevision, Greggy Glitterati’s Varity Cavalcade, Claire Hux, Telesma, Yeveto, DJ, Knowledge, Segway and Alzaruba.

Speaking of Alzaruba... I'll be wearing one of his dance costumes for Northscape, and I'll be dancing in it with Telesma at 8:45 Saturday night. It'll look something like this:

If anyone has any questions about Artscape, Northscape, the Sondheim installation or anything else, feel free to email me at

I'll be down there all three days. Hope to see you!!


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