Artscape 2009

"The Fortress of Ten Thousand Beautiful Things"
By Alzaruba

The exterior of the installation, in MICA's Fox Building for Artscape 2009. Plastic bags, featuring two doors with burned children's shoes.
Detail of the doors

The artist, Alzaruba, inside the installation staring up into the vortex he created.

View of the ceiling from the ground. Two stories high. The projector constantly changes color and reflects aquatic patterns onto the ground and floating bags. There was a futon within the Fortress, so guests could lay down and enjoy the colors and wind.

My friends and I loved it! We hung out inside the Fortress for quite a while, staring up at the lights.

Me, wearing one of Alzaruba's Fire Dancer costumes.

Later on that night, at Northscape, I performed in one of these costumes along with several other dancers, hula hoopers, and fire eaters to the live music of Telesma.

Boylesque extrodinare Paco Fish was there too!

Paco's hosting a caberet this Saturday, called "Vive La Decadence!" It's at the Lof/t theatre inside Load of Fun, and will feature all sorts of variety! $10 for all the girls in pasties you can handle. Check it out!

"While it may seem zat Monsieur Paco has been off galavanting about ze globe wizout reason or rhyme, he has actually been seducing (to perform) some incredible new acts zat Baltimore has never seen in a Vive La Decadence before! Plucked down from ze heavens, both LITTLE LUNA and JESUS H. CHRIST will perform! Up and down and zrough and finally out of ze Pyranees, M' Paco has fetched for you LA MALICIA PAJARITA! And from his own beloved heart and home, ze too beautiful to handle, MOURNA HANDFUL!"


Photos courtesy Kristen Tull, Noah Belt, and Paco Fish


Kris said...

best part of artscape!!!