It's been a busy few weeks- I've been all over the place, spending quite a bit of time in NYC. On my last trip I was finally able to go to the Museum of Modern Art. It's alot like a red carpet event, absolutely filled with celebrity.

You walk into a room and are suddenly confronted with "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon," which is bigger than you expected it to be. Imagine all those term papers and final essays just hanging on the wall where tourists can gawk. There's a crowd forming a semi-circle around it, and you can't get a clear view through all the flashbulbs, so you turn around and accidentally catch a glimpse of some other equally famous painting. You wander over to find a room filled with master works, far too many to really absorb, so you just sit on the center couch and let your starstruck head spin. Repeat until your mind is thoroughly drained. Go have a beer in the cafe. Buy some funny little gadget in the design shop.

I'll be back in NYC for Labor Day Weekend, staying in Queens this time instead of Brooklyn, though I'm sure I'll be back in Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg at some point during that trip. Who's in NYC? Coffee?