New Music

One of the benefits of having the flu is the ability to stay home and play lots of music. My GarageBand is broken, and so is my camera, so I gotta record on PhotoBooth for the time being.... yuck

This is a cover of an awesome old school country song by
Tompall Glaser, "Streets of Baltimore"
I love this song- mostly because I was living in Nashville when my family moved to Baltimore, and now my family is back in the deep south, and I'm still here in Charm City.

I always feel like the next line should say "Find her at the corner of Guilford and North Ave"


This is a brand new original called "The Green Door." Reminds me of H.G. Well's short story "The Door in the Wall" My writing recently has been full of syllables and fast rhythms and crescendo- this is my shot at something a little more slow and peaceful. Let me know what you think!

you fell in the river
after me
i tried to tread water
but got swept out to sea

way past the dove
way past all our sympathy


i'll find you some dirt road
and one green door
you caught me saying
i've never loved you more

come down with me
come walk along the shore


one hundred miles
to paradise
it's always worthwhile
to be by your side

let's drift along
let's just watch the tide