The Scavenger Project

Does anyone else wanna do this with me? It's a $15 registration fee, but you're guaranteed a spot in their Brooklyn/Seattle gallery shows AND a spot in the published book. You can also pay a little extra and get a T-shirt with your scavenger list on the back, and a copy of the final book. This sounds like an awesome opportunity to practice quickfire sculpture and photography (a la Erwin Wurm), plus, it'll get your name out there. I think it'd be helpful to get a few people doing it simultaneously, so we can brainstorm. I'm signing up either way. If you're interested, PLEASE let me know! Contact me via Facebook: Savanna Leigh or at
From their blog:

This is as much a social experiment as it is an art exhibition. Any medium may be used as long as it can be shipped to us (or photos taken and included on a CD). Experimentation and thinking outside of the box is the name of the game. We mail you a list of 10 items for you to visually interpret along with artists from all over the world!
The final outcome is to document the project in two ways, including multiple exhibitions (at galleries in Brooklyn, NY and Seattle, WA) and in a book.
To sign up please visit