Sculpture is Dirty

It's midterms week. I've been up long nights in the library working on preproduction for my short film (screenplay's almost done..), long nights in the sculpture studio carving away at my many projects, tedious mornings in the jewelry lab welding and powder coating... and I wonder why my lungs won't stop coughing.

This is me, cramming early in the morning to finish my blueprints for, a laser cutting service. I designed some little tea candle holders to have cut in hardboard, and they'll be shipped to me soon. If my design works the way I planned, it'll slide together with no glue required.

If my design is good enough, maybe I'll start producing a line of these little tea lights to sell.

I worked in the studio tonight for five hours, and recorded some footage along the way. It may be easier to explain my process in film; I'll see about making a few of these shorts. Sorry for the small frame, I've got an ancient version of Final Cut Pro and it doesn't render video well... and the sound on my Mac HATES the airhose haha, you've been warned!


Enjah said...

Yes, dirty ... hey what is that poster thing of Make Things, Sell Things? I can't enlarge it to read ;[

Savanna Leigh said...

Ah, it's just an image from You can send them a pattern design, and they'll laser cut it for you. It's an awesome way to make jewelry and stuff like that! Check it out!