Awesome, Great Job!

All of the shows this week were spectacular!

I kicked it off playing a set of experimental music at The Red Room under the direction (or rather, un-direction) of Shelly Blake-Plock. He covered the floor with foil, positioned ten of us musicians around the room, and then covered us in more foil. Shelly caught me outside before the show and asked, "Are you claustrophobic? Can I make you into a casserole?" Of course, Shelly.

Shelly Blake-Plock, The Red Room 11/14/2009

Saxophone never looked so shiny

Joel Grip on double bass

Diving Belle providing vocals


Student Show Openings 11/19/2009

"A Collection of Objects" by Vince Valerio

This seemingly random collection of objects has one consistent thread among them: I asked each student to share with me a work that went beyond “just a project.” Each object is a symbolic artifact that represents the student as an artist and gives the viewer a glimpse into their personality and thought process. These artifacts are an extension of who their makers are as a person. From interests in what it means to be a woman and issues pertaining to sexual identity, to love for horror, written text and everything in between. What drives an artist to create the work they make is always of interest and fascination.



Annual Juried Undergraduate Show

Juried by Caroline Lathan-Stiefel. Lots of fun, lots of fabulous artwork. Sculpture did really well this year, and was awarded the coveted Best of Show.
I won a scholarship for my "Portrait of the Artist: Monster in a Closet."

A winner of the Doris and Ron Markley Award


Ambiguous Bodies

This was a great show too- fantastic mix of sculpture, painting, drawing, and video. This show is dealing with ideas that greatly inform my artmaking. Highly inspired. Also, free beer and great snacks.

"Throughout history, the human body has been represented and interpreted in multiple and diverse ways. In Ambiguous Bodies, the artists continue that tradition, embracing ambiguity as a was to dismantle the classical or ideal notions of form, and to include difference of beauty, race, sexuality, and gender- broadening the scope of how a human body can be portrayed."

Curated by my good friend, Laura Amussen