Past and Future

Check it out:

Student show submission deadline is next week. Tomorrow night I've got a portfolio photo shoot for all my current work. I've been cramming so hardcore.

I found a bunch of images from my youth... hahaha!
Oh man was I cool... yep.

2004- 16 years old

2003- 15 years old




Bri said...

Oh God, hahahaha - before I even saw you wrote Mr. Couchman on there, I was thinking it was him. Nice job on capturing him!

allie :) said...

first- couchman HAHAHA!!

but second, when putting together your resume (or that list) make sure you put in if the exhibit was a juried exhibit...and for the towson student shows in particular make sure you put the name of the juror because they pull some weight and will make it look better.