Ear Monsters

Last night I attended the debut performance of the fresh new band "Ear Monsters" (formerly Zig Zag Jazz) at the CD release party for their freshman album "No Fur On Your Goat."
(not kidding.)

The Ear Monsters are two nine year old twin boys and their kid sister (led my their father Shelly Blake-Plock) playing free jazz of their own creation. Impressive little Monsters!

Shelly Blake-Plock is an affiliate of the High Zero Festival for experimental music and The Red Room. Shelly and I have known each other for some time now- Earlier this year we collaborated on "Musician Casserole" at the Red Room. In 2006 we collaborated on his album The Violencestring, which I illustrated.

These days, we are working on a new sound- I'm providing vocals and guitar (and maybe drums) and he's been slamming some groovy double bass. Add some jazz guitar and snare, and we've got ourselves a nice mix of olde-english-folk-jazz. Look out for us this summer.


A Faire Alchemist said...

More Monsters, Less Splinters:


MJ Wojewodzki said...

Thanks for posting this. Great footage!