Green Valor

Just in time for Earth Day, I finished my 3D project on "Hype." I figured that the green movement is getting boat loads of hype these days, so I'll do something with that. I was thinking about wartime propaganda, which brought me to WWII medals. So, I decided to design a brooch medal for green-minded commuting cyclists. To honor their valor in the face of traffic and distance. It will have an environmentally friendly green ribbon, and it features a bike gear in the center. Thanks, bikers!

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This 3D digital object will be printed out (in 3D), through Shapeways.

This is how it works:

And my final product should look like:

Rendered using Flamingo in Rhino.

As an additional project stipulation, we were required to upload our product and process onto a slideshow in Second Life. I've never used the program before, and I can't say I'm its biggest fan, but it has some interesting features. We are collaborating with an arts college in England, and we will all meet for an international critique in Second Life. Its sort of like a visual chat room where we can host presentations. Towson University has its own island in the digital world, search "Towson Innovation Lab" to teleport there. If you're not entirely sure what Second Life is, watch this:

Well, if it's a school requirement, I guess I'll play along. It's pretty funny hearing teachers say "Ok well email me your information in first life and I'll send you the materials in Second Life." ...Sorry Jan!

In MY second life, I am batgirl.
"Savvy Rumble"

Gimmie your L$.

People keep telling me that Second Life is the new big thing- its the new form of marketing, e-commerce, communications, and distribution. They said the same thing about blogging.