Crawl back under your stone

It's the end of the semester, and people seem to wonder what rock all the art majors disappear under. It's called the studio, and luckily I am finished with it till Fall. Most of my friends aren't so lucky... It's 3am on a Tuesday night and I know several people who are banging steel, throwing pots, and sleeping on couches they've pulled into quiet stairwells with drop-cloths and tarps thrown over the halogen lights. Next year I'm investing in a new pair of steel-toe boots, and more importantly, a hammock. I can hang it from our pulley I-beams. I've seen kids brushing their teeth in the art building bathrooms in the morning. Doesn't the dance department have showers? I need to figure that out.

Today in my early critique a classmate asked, "Is it raining today? It looks rainy. Is it cold? It's kinda chilly in here now..."
"Guess you didn't walk in to school today?"
"I've been on that couch since 6am."

Here are a few pictures of studio life
(mostly for my curious out-of-town relatives)

Sleep well friends, and dream not of finals.