The website has an entirely fresh identity now!
(matching handmade business cards coming soon)

I added all kinds of new features! Last week I was running three(ish) separate websites; this blog, my digital sketchbook, and my various music sites. I've combined them all here, and they all interlink. Next week I'm buying the domain name, so you'll soon find me here at www.SavannaLeighArt.com

Works- Features all of my formally photographed pieces, soon to be updated with this semester's work.

Sketchbook- I'm tired of printing out stuff I like and pasting it in my paper sketchbooks. This is a green method of record keeping

Tunes- Music is my side project- more of a hobby really. This is an easier page to access that features some video tunes, and will soon feature MP3 streaming.

About- My contact and resume are up now. I'll soon be adding a short bio, artist statement, and list of skills.