Full Circle

I'd just like to mention that this white oxford shirt was once my Catholic uniform shirt at John Carroll High.

Seen here at Sugar's annual red carpet event, the Black and Red Ball in Baltimore. Worn by the lovely Roma Mafia, and enthusiastically torn off by the fantastic Femme6.

To those of you who knew me in my youth, I guess you could say I've come a long way.

Burlesque is huge in Baltimore right now. It seems like every weekend affords the opportunity to laugh along to the amazing theatricality of these performers with their tantalizing tassels. While I am certainly no expert on the theatre arts, I understand that this home grown movement is about reclamation of body image through vaudeville-esque humor, circus acts, acrobatics, and classic pin-up style among a limitless myriad of other things. I love these shows. I have enormous respect for the men and women who strut across the stage in their carefully designed costumes (filled with secret snaps, magnets, and velcro for fast and easy removal).

There's not a dramatic bone in body... I'm no good on stage, but I'll happily support these performers with the occassional dollar bill and donation of old Catholic wear. It's for a good cause, afterall.

Interested? Head to Paco Fish's calendar or check out Baltimore's own Gilded Lilly Burlesque group.

See you there!


De Campo said...

I can't wait to get back to Baltimore.