Warning! This post contains nudity. (Kinda.)

The Towson University Senior Thesis show opened this Thursday. There was alot of great work this year, especially from the 3D departments (go sculp!) I still have a few semesters left, so I didn't contribute to this show, though I did participate.

Tom Martin and I modeled for Alessandra Bianco's photography project which explored the human form in constriction. We had to climb into a tiny 3'x3' plywood box and pose for the camera. 
America's Next Top Model, here we come!

Yes, that is my tattoo. No, it doesn't "say" anything... They are violin F-Holes, as seen on Man Ray's Le Violon d'Ingres

She nailed these shadows.

Tom got back into the box. This picture lends a good sense of scale, I think.

The senior thesis exhibition will be open in the Center for the Arts Gallery
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm
April 30 - May 15


Alessandra Bianco said...

Thank you so much for all your modeling for this project!

Super glad it came out really good!

Megan Elisabeth said...

Your tattoo is amazing :)