Life in a Day

Here is a project that has incredible potential to be beautiful and moving. It is a collaborative effort involving every single person with access to a video camera and YouTube. Yeah, that means you. Ridley Scott is producing "Life in a Day" for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival in January, which will be completely user generated content.

According to the Director, Kevin Macdonald, "I want you to chronicle your world, your life, your neighborhood on a single day. You could shoot the journey you take to work, the visit you make to your son, your mother, your grandmother. My aim is to make a film that is a snapshot of life on Earth during one 24-hour period. I will have to find the links between your videos. Those links could be thematic (fears about the future, love for a baby), or temporal (breakfast time, the journey to work, a sunrise happens in Rio and London and Namibia). Ultimately, this is a unique experiment in social filmmaking, and a time capsule that will forever tell future generations what it was like to be alive on July 24th, 2010."

Tomorrow, July 24th, thousands of people around the world will be capturing their lives. All the mundane moments between here and Dubai, all the intimate moments shared across race and culture, all the thrilling events people will experience on this standard Saturday; if this film succeeds, it will be a display of unadulterated solidarity across the globe.

This is what is asked of you:
-Video record your day, whatever you find interesting or boring (it'll all be fascinating in 50 years anyway People brushed their teeth with TOOTHPASTE back then?? What the hell was that?).
-Use whatever is available to you at the highest quality possible. Cell phone, MacBook, digital camera, etc.
-If you do have access to a good camera, please use 1080p (or best available) with 24fps
-Do NOT edit the footage in ANY way. No captions, no time stamps, no dissolves and fades, no audio tweaking.
-Do as many videos as you want
-Try to keep them under 10mins; you'll need to upload them to YouTube for submission.

Answer these questions:
What do I fear the most?
What do I love?
What makes me laugh?
What is in my pockets?

Record these isolated sounds on video for the soundtrack (no editing!):
A hand clap
A sustained note (deep breath, hum a note as long as you can)
A deep breath in and out
Your favorite sound

On the filming day:
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Do's and Don'ts
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Please participate. This is a good idea, and I'm so excited to see how it turns out.
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