Mountain's Foot

A week and a half into the semester, I've begun several new projects, which will maybe look something like this. Maybe. This is how many of my ideas start out, anyway.

Here's a sculpture I've just begun- It'll look something like my Walking Landscape, but it'll be more complex with two peaks and little blown glass atmospheres. 

These slices are all labeled so they go together in the correct order- they'll be glued one on top the other, then sanded down smooth with an angle grinder and rotary tool.

I have a proposition; rename the Towson Metals Club to 
The Rotary Club: Ladies Who Love Their Dremels.

These are all clamped down with glue, then they'll be glued to each other, then another few sets will be added to build up the mass of the piece. All the sharp edges will be knocked off, so it'll look like walking mountain. I haven't combined wood with glass before though, so that element is an experiment.

I'm trying to work green this semester. I've started over the summer with my new digital sketchbook, and I plan to continue by using sustainable materials and more efficient methods. This entire sculpture is made of reclaimed wood from the scrap pile, and the shapes are cut as close to one another as possible to eliminate as much waste material as possible. I'll see if I can donate the scraps to the Raku ceramics kids, maybe they can use it in their kilns.


Next week I'll have storyboards and some frames from my animation to share with you.